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2015 Culinary Forecast

The National Restaurant Association (USA) has released their annual “What’s Hot” review of the latest food trends and what to expect for 2015. Nearly 1.500 restaurant experts and chefs were interviewed in order to predict the direction restaurants all over the world are heading towards.

“As consumers today increasingly incorporate restaurants into their daily lives, they want to be able to follow their personal preferences and philosophies no matter where or how they choose to dine. So, it’s only natural that culinary themes like local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition top our list of menu trends for 2015. Those concepts are wider lifestyle choices for many Americans in other aspects of their lives that also translate into the food space.”

            – Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group

Ancient Grains find their own spot as no. 13 on the list of the hottest new trends for food, especially kamut, amaranth and spelt. Other grains this year will be riding on their nutritional properties’ coattails, since tendencies are pointing towards more “nautral ingredients/minimally processed foods” (no. 5), “non-wheat pastas” (no. 11), and “gluten-free cuisine” (no. 12). “Ethnic-inspired” foods also are included in the list (no. 16)- which many are now including oatmeals and porridges from previously unknown ancient grains, and “non-wheat flours” (no. 26) round up the very evident popularity of lesser-known grains for this upcoming year. Without a doubt, our eyes and palates should be open to all these new possibilities!

2015_01_12_2015 Culinary Forecast_Top 5 Food Trends 2015_01_12_2015 Culinary Forecast_Whats hot food trends

To view the entire review (in PDF format), click here.

Ancient Grains

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