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Food Trends in 2014


Ancient grains and gluten-free diet are gaining increasing popularity and have been recognised as food trends by different specialised publications. An example is, a specialised website on food trends, which last summer included both items among the hottest trends:

“The ancient grains (…) were a crucial source of food for ancient civilizations such as the America’s Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans, Ancient China, and the Babylonians in early Mesopotamia (…)They’re filling, healthy, and extremely versatile, and are widely highlighted for their essential benefits as a good source of amino acids and high protein.”.

“The gluten-free diet is here to stay. Gluten-free foods were originally aimed at those with dietary restrictions and celiac-related sensitivities, they’ve been adopted by many as a weight loss program”

Similarly, the well known Forbes magazine devoted some lines to refer to the National Restaurant Association Culinary Forecast for 2014, pointing out the growing popularity of ancient grains:

“Don’t just think packaged goods or gluten-free brownies, either. You’ll see the desire to avoid wheat gluten drive more use of pasta noodles made from buckwheat and other grains. Also, expect more ancient, super-nutritious grains such as quinoa and amaranth to pop up in dishes that might once have used wheat flour.”


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