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From freekeh to teff

The international newspaper, The Guardian has recently published an article on the rising popularity of ancient grains named “From freekeh to teff: five ancient grains you could add to your larder“. With a fresh look (and great suggestion on how to use) these grains, the five that should be on our radar are freekeh, barley, quinoa, spelt and teff, many of which are part of our website!

“There’s been a phenomenal interest in older varieties recently, (…) Many people tell us they find these historic grains are more digestible.”

“They’re a very cheap way to eat well. A lot of these grains are great for those looking for an alternative to white pasta or rice or who’re keeping an eye on their intake of wheat.”

To view the complete version (in PDF format), click here: From freekeh to teff.

Ancient Grains News

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