Ancient Grains

Looking back: Top natural food trends of 2014

Food Business News has published their own summary of 2014’s food trends thanks to the research of a Colorado-based consulting firm and expert opinions. Although many of the items on the list seem far-fetched, researchers are counting on them soon becoming mainstream this coming year.

The list ranges from bee-free honey to algae milk, and includes a wide range and use of ancient grains. Whole grain beverages come in fourth place, “offering on-the-go nutrition to busy consumers“. “Drinkable” and on-the-go nutrition such as quinoa smoothies and mixed-grains milk are increasingly gaining traction.

Furthermore, African ingredients, including teff, have their own category in eigth place, since the continent is gaining consideration as an “all-natural untouched hotbed of pure ingredients and pure sourcing.”

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Ancient Grains

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