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‘Sprouting’: healthy and fun

The well-known British newspaper The Guardian has recently published an article on ‘sprouting’, a new trend for foodies and people looking for healthy food alternatives, in which they explain how simple it is to grow sprouts of alfalfa or mung beans:

“If you have a tap, and know how to open it, you’re well on the way to sprouting your own mung beans or alfalfa seeds. The only other equipment you’ll need is a large (1-2 litre) jar with a lid that’s pierced to provide ventilation and drainage.”

There is a great variety of seeds that can be sprouted, including different families such as nuts, grains or beans:

“popular choices include chickpeas, peas, radish, red clover, adzuki, quinoa… Once the seeds are fully sprouted – probably three to five days – make sure they’re well drained and put them in the fridge. Use within two or three days.”

If you want to learn more about how to grow the sprouts, click here to read the full article (PDF format): How to grow mung beans, alfalfa and other sprouting seeds


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